Friday 25th January 2019; 10am – 3pm at Lechlade Craft Barn

23rd November 2018 – SOLD OUT

with Clare Buck from Martha’s Garden

If you like natural skincare then you will love our workshops.  Make and take home five different natural skincare products that you have made yourself from the start.  Turn fabulous natural ingredients such as Beeswax, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil and beautifully fragrant essential oils into hand cream, body scrub, exfoliating facial wash and more. All raw materials, packaging and equipment are included in the cost of the workshop.

About Clare:

I have always known that I wanted to be able to do something different with my life and long since had a hankering to be my own boss.  

It was only in 2006 when my husband and I became Tudor re-enactors for Kentwell Hall in Long Melford that I thought it might actually be a possibility.  

There we were mixing with ordinary people who were artisans.  Our new friends now numbered Historical Costumiers, a Blacksmith, a maker of reproduction historical weaponry to name but a few.  All these people were living their dreams – could it be possible that I too could live my dream?  It could, if only I knew exactly what it was that I was going to make and sell.

My Epiphany came while working in the Stillroom one day; caring for the health of all who work on the Manor.  We decided to make a handcream- we had Olive Oil and Beeswax and some distilled Rose Water. So we set to and soon had our very own handcream.  

Then I knew what it was I wanted to make and sell – my own range of natural skincare products.

Nothing much happened until Christmas 2009 when I made all my friends and family skin and hair care products.  Everyone was delighted and people kept telling me that I should sell them and so eventually, after all the background prep and testing, we launched our products at Wychwood Forest Fair in 2014 and we haven’t really stopped since.”

Cost £50 to include all materials, tea & coffee. Please bring your own lunch.

To Book email or call us:
karen@lechladecraftbarn.com or call 07974 081526 / 01367 253586
jennie@lechladecraftbarn.com or call 077404 16783/ 01367 700350

For terms and conditions of booking please refer to our website https://lechladecraftbarn.com/the-small-print/

PLEASE NOTE: Lechlade Craft Barn is accessed via external stone steps and regrettably is not suitable for people with mobility issues. We run workshops at Millets Farm near Abingdon and the Cotswolds Discovery Centre near Northleach, both of which are accessible venues.

Find us opposite the entrance to Moorgate, not far from Lechlade Garden Centre.

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