Sat 20th Mar: Lampshade Making Workshop

Saturday 20th March 2021: 10am – 12pm at The Pavilion, Lechlade Memorial Hall

Make a professional quality lampshade. This workshop is ideal for beginners and is a no-sew workshop!

£35 – £40 per person.  Choose either a Drum, Empire, Coolie or Square Lampshade.

£35 per person.  Sizes included:

20cm drum lampshade
20cm square lampshade
30cm drum lampshade

£40 per person.  Sizes included:
45cm drum lampshade
30cm coolie lampshade
35cm empire lampshade

We have samples made up of each size and shape, if you are uncertain of which size to make you can choose at the workshop.

Booking & Cancellation deadline:  5th March 2021

Please bring your own refreshments, hand sanitiser and a face covering.  

Bring a piece of your chosen fabric, the size depends on any pattern repeat and the size of the lampshade you are making.   Please press but do not cut to final size.

The final fabric size required will be:
– For a 20cm Drum Lampshade, fabric must be at least 645mm wide x 220 mm.

– For a 20cm Square Lampshade, fabric must be at least 850mm wide x 230 mm.
– For a 30cm Drum Lampshade, fabric must be at least 970mm wide x 255mm.

– For a 45cm Drum Lampshade, fabric must be at least 1454mm wide x 298mm.

– For a 30cm Coolie Lampshade, fabric must be at least 775mm wide x 358mm.

– For a 35cm Empire Lampshade, fabric must be at least 1140mm wide x 420mm.

Any fabric is suitable provided it is a light to medium weight, avoid heavy textures, velvet and heavy embellishment.

To Book – email or call us:

or call Karen on 07974 081526 / 01367 253586
or Jennie on 077404 16783 / 01367 700350

For terms and conditions of booking please refer to our website (